A Walking Monument:


There are thousands of monuments to tragedy, mental illness, ignorance and sociopaths made of stone and metal that only recall the history of mistakes.  This is the creation of a Walking Monument to Reason and the higher qualities of human possibility.  It is in itself a work of Fine Art not a business.  The medium is anticipation and enthusiasm, the canvas a human life.  The purpose: to rekindle in a person the habit of searching for and anticipating grand adventures and occurrences and to create beauty, not harm.  Be a part of this.


The person chosen to be the Walking Monument will receive a backpack, an airline ticket, a debit card, cell phone, instructions to their first destination and a box. In that box are six rings.  Six children from around the world will be chosen with whom the traveler will correspond along the way so that they are part of the adventure.  Not a social media format but a personal one.  Along their journey the traveler will leave in a secure place a ring for each of the six children. It can only be retrieved by the child themselves at whatever point in time. It will be waiting as a magnet powering wonder, anticipation and the knowledge that there are energies that are there for them...and they must be one for others.


Other contents of the box include: the trinketry and mystery that spark the flame of curiosity, each tied to a clue that leads to an adventure. Tickets, keys, addresses...Each journey is tailored.


There are no obligations from the recipients.  This is a gift to them.  No exchange of money or services is expected, required or implied.


This project is supported by a series of very limited edition signed and numbered prints offered from the Artist's private collection.  They will appear on a monthly basis on the Table of Twelve page of this site.



If one institution were left that showed we had value, it would be the library.  It is the single greatest monument to humanity.  A monument  to our ability to chose to know, understand and embrace more.  To go beyond the borders of default mentality.


The Walking Monument can journey to wherever adventure takes them but they will have to be at specific places to pick up their next travel money and to present to a library a specifically crafted Window which will be delivered to them at the time.  Among the libraries will be the Oxford Bodleian library, Universit├Ątsbibliothek Heidelberg, the university libraries of Salamanca, Bologna, al-Qarawiyyin, Alexandria...the list goes on and there will many Walking Monuments to continue the project.


*This project has no association with religion or dogma of any type nor with any ethnic, political or special interests.