No angry bumper stickers,  No negative reaction only positive action.  Whether one chooses to be or not we are all monuments either to the creation of beauty or the generation of anger or to doing nothing.  You have an impact on the world no matter what you do or don’t do.  On this page you will find a simple way to carry a mentality of beauty and reason upon your person and be a Walking Monument.  The purpose of this is to help counter the epidemic of fear that is crippling the world.  Nothing is more contagious than human attitude and emotion.  *Thought:  Instead of wearing a reflection of your own cultural background wear one from your brothers.  We become what we embrace, become rich with humanity.  All the statements on the clothing are statements of human unity, United We Stand, One People, One Destiny... All T-shirts are %100 cotton.  This store is being developed and is not ready yet to take orders.

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Walking Monument